Our Practice

At Rick Handley & Associates we provide several essential services directly to clients who are exploring and / or implementing renewable energy projects. Rick Handley & Associates also provides research and strategy guidance to companies and organizations that are in the renewable energy industry, helping these organizations better understand the emerging and expanding renewable energy markets, with a heavy focus on bioenergy.

We have the skills and experience to navigate federal, state, and utility incentive and rebate programs to find the best opportunities for our clients. In addition, Rick Handley and his associates understand the application process and how to prepare accurate and well documented proposals. RH&A has over 20 years of experience in researching programs and writing successful state and federal grant applications for clients. 

Rick Handley & Associates tracks federal and state policy related to bioenergy, and organizes and hosts bimonthly webinars and discussion programs on important policy topics. We conduct research and analysis of renewable energy markets and policy to provide strategic guidance for clients.RHA has also developed a business strategy to identify and target the best candidates for adopting renewable energy opportunities within state agencies, higher education, and hospitals.  

At Rick Handley & Associates we understand the importance of providing objective and reliable outreach and education programs to the public on all aspects of renewable energy. Our staff has been the lead or directly participated in over 200 conferences and workshops related to energy and renewable biomass.  Rick Handley & Associates was the overall conference coordinator for the first conference dedicated exclusively to biomass thermal energy: “Heating the Northeast with Renewable Biomass.” The HeatNE conference is now a successful and well respected annual event in the New England states.  

Despite a successful track record, biomass thermal energy technology remains underutilized and under-appreciated. Rick Handley & Associates is currently developing an outreach program, The Biomass Boot Camp, designed to answer basic questions for facility owners and managers on biomass.  The program will provide objective and reliable information from experts in an effort to pre-qualify candidates and stimulate the market for renewable biomass.

Mr. Rick Handley: Principal

Rick Handley & Associates is led by Mr. Rick Handley, who has over 30 years of experience in renewable energy and energy conservation.  Having worked at the New York State Energy Office and the CONEG Policy Research Center, Mr. Handley is a recognized leader in coalition building, designing and delivering of training programs, consumer outreach and education, building state and regional networks, and conducting policy research and analysis for senior state officials and governors.

Mr. Handley has extensive experience in coalition building, policy analysis, and public education programs related to renewable energy, especially biomass. He has been chair of two national conferences focused on bioenergy technology and policy, and served as a planning team member for over 20 other national and regional conferences. Mr. Handley is a frequent guest speaker and panel member. Mr. Handley led the formation of and served as chair for the National Biomass Partnership, an organization that provides educational programs and national coordination on bioenegy issues. The Partnership, which includes four regional governors organizations and the National Association of State Energy Officials, serves state officials in all 50 states. 

Mr. Handley successfully established state bioenergy networks in eleven Northeastern states for the purpose of building individual states capacities related to bioenergy technologies.  Mr. Handley has served as an outside technical reviewer for the US Department of Energy, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, The Appalachian Regional Commission, Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust Fund.

Rick Handley most recently served as director of regional energy programs for the CONEG Policy Research Center.He joined the Center in 1993 as program manager for the Northeast Regional Biomass Program (NRBP) and served as the NRBP’s director for 15 years.  Prior to joining the Center, Mr. Handley was a program manager with the New York State Energy Office, and has over 30 years experience in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy. As director for regional energy programs, Mr. Handley advised The Center’s executive director on energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy and directed staff in research and analysis of federal and state energy policy. Through the Center, Northeast states receive timely, objective, and reliable information on energy issues that uniquely impact the Northeast states. As director of the Northeast Regional Biomass Program, Mr. Handley lead an eleven-state coalition that is focused on regional approaches to the expansion and sustainable use of the region’s biomass resources for bioenergy, biofuels and biobased products.  Through Mr. Handley’s guidance, Northeast states benefited from a region-wide collaboration to incorporate biomass fuels and technology into state climate change, electric utility restructuring, energy supply issues, economic development, and forest and land-use planning. 

As director of the Northeast Regional Biomass Program, Mr. Handley has served as a trusted advisor to state officials in eleven states in the northeastern U.S. He has also served as a founding board member for the Biomass Energy Resource Center and as treasurer and board member for the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association.  

Mr. David D. Bingaman: Associate                                    

David joined Rick Handley & Associates as an associate to assist in the development of the Biomass Boot Camp series following a 36 year career at the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. At the Department of Agriculture David was responsible for the direction of statewide programs on renewable energy, integrated pest management (IPM), nutrient management education, and sustainable agriculture within the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. David led the department’s efforts in the development of biomass energy programs to provide value added opportunities for Pennsylvania’s farmers and businesses. 

At the Department of Agriculture David’s work involved coordinating multiple State agencies with federal and local agencies to achieve program goals related to agriculture and the environment. David was the principal contact for the U.S. Department of Energy through the Northeast Regional Biomass Program, providing outreach education and technical assistance on renewable energy projects such as anaerobic digesters, ethanol, biodiesel and thermal and combined heat and power (CHP) projects. David was one of the leaders in Pennsylvania in the formation of the Pennsylvania Fuels for Schools and Beyond program. 

Closely aligned with David’s bioenergy work were his responsibilities with water quality protection efforts, including the development of phosphorous based nutrient management planning to reduce the levels of phosphorous in surface water entering the Chesapeake Bay. These efforts were promoted through an interagency strategy including the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, County Conservation Districts, Penn State Cooperative Extension Offices and the State Conservation Commission.    

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David has extensive experience in the development and delivery of outreach and education programs. David developed an outreach education program to promote the education of urban audiences on IPM and other sustainable methods of garden, turf and landscape management. David developed education programs for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; which included the Worker Protection Standard to protect farm workers from exposure to pesticides and pesticide residues. This outreach education program was developed to provide training on a statewide basis following specific guidelines from EPA. The program required extensive preparation of oral and written presentations to train farmers and workers on the chronic and acute risks of pesticide exposure. Training was provided to diverse audiences ranging from migrant seasonal farm laborers to the staff of field research facilities. Training challenges included meeting the specific needs of traditional farmers, greenhouse growers, mushroom producers, and specialty crop producers of all types.

David holds a bachelors degree in biology from Lock Haven University and additional graduate level studies in plant pathology from Penn State University. David has certifications from the USDA Forest Service and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. He holds a Pennsylvania Pesticide Certification and is a USDA Certified Organic Inspector.

Appointments and Service Positions include:

  • Past President: Pennsylvania Certified Crop Advisor Board of The American Society of Agronomy. Elected by the board to lead Pennsylvania’s crop consultants that provide pest management and nutrient management consulting services for PA producers.
  • Member of the Board of Directors for the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture. 
  • Served as technical advisor to the Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Advisory Board of the State Conservation Commission.
  • Member of USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) State Technical Committee
  • Serves on Pennsylvania Governor’s Renewable Energy Council 2005- 2009
  • Served on The Governor’s Blue Ribbon Task Force for Renewable Energy 2007
  • Pennsylvania Biomass Energy Coordinator 2001-2008.







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