Our Clients

CONEG Policy Research Center, Washington DC: RHA provides strategic and technical guidance to the Northeast Regional Biomass Program and The National Biomass Partnership. 

Honeywell, Northeast Region, Albany, NY: RHA provides policy research and strategic analysis, grant writing, outreach, and technical assistance on renewable energy and carbon mitigation options. RHA is working with Honeywell to develop a first of its kind comprehensive Community Energy and Infrastructure program that will provide a range of economic and societal benefits to small communities. The innovative program is centered on improving the energy efficiency of the entire community and using the savings to support renewable energy and other infrastructure that will benefit the community and it residents. 

HeatNE: RHA was retained by group of biomass industry stakeholders to plan and serve as overall conference coordinator for the first ever conference focused exclusively on biomass thermal energy (  

Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources, Boston, MA: Rick Handley was project director and conducted research for a study on biomass boiler air emissions safety regulations. When Northeast states wanted to better understand the barriers for advanced European bioenergy technologies to enter the U.S. market, RHA was retained to conduct research and analysis of biomass boiler and furnace safety regulations in the Northeast.  RHA brought in the best experts on European biomass boilers and partnered with regional organizations to complete the research and analysis.

Pace Energy and Climate Center, White Plains, NY: RHA was retained as a technical consultant on biomass technologies and policies.

M/E Engineering, Rochester, NY: RHA was retained to develop a matrix of energy program funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for internal use by the client.

National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO), Arlington, VA: RHA was retained to work with seven Northeast states on a project to expand renewable biomass energy in the region.    

Clean Fuels Development Coalition, Bethesda, MD: RHA conducted a comparative analysis of research conducted since 2004 on net energy balance of ethanol production. Client used the analysis as the basis for a published nergy Brief







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