Which brand of domestic watch good?

Many of my friends want to know what watches are made in the domestic watch brand ranking, but the result is a lot of online search of the domestic watch rankings, watch brands Daquan are different, so many friends friends very confused I do not know how to choose . Then let list Xiao Bian to solve the problem for you, let you easily understand the domestic watch brand ranking. Here's a look at the 2015 Chinese watch brand list. China-made watches famous brands: Fiyta, Rossini, King fake rolex watches, according to wave watches, Seagull watches, Polaris China-made watch brand list Domestic watch brand NO.1 Fiyta Shenzhen Fiyta (Group) Co., Ltd. was established in 1987, is the only one listed companies in the industry, after years of hard temper, has grown into China's flagship watch business, set watch research and development, design, manufacture and sales , "FIYTA" well-known brands and "Harmony" commercial brand, marketing network covering the whole country, and extended to foreign countries. Fiyta professional watch brand, many times with the Chinese astronauts expedition space, with its outstanding performance achievements of the legendary legend. Fiyta watch for the taste of those who show exquisite craftsmanship design, record the perfect moment of life. Leading the trend of the product style, in the interpretation of the classic watch culture, but also convey the awareness of time, the idea of ​​life. Domestic watch brand NO.2 Rossini July 1984, as the Chinese watch industry was established as the first Sino-foreign joint ventures, Rossini with 3.1 million US dollars, in the watch industry was born under the background of economic oversupply. Early start, the company introduced a full set of processing of gold-plated case processing equipment and processing technology, relying on advanced technology, production of high-end case with domestic and international support form, and in the domestic first Shaped waterproof case, a domestic production of high-end case of the faucet enterprise. In 1988, Rossini's gold-plated case was recognized as "the top product" in Guangdong Province, of which 1095,5014 gold-plated case was awarded the Guangdong Quality Product Award; in 1991 April round, shaped gold-plated swiss replica watches Shell won the second session of the Beijing gold medal. So that Rossini quickly occupied the high-end case is a domestic market, and achieved good economic returns. Since 1990, the company in accordance with the watch market changes, timely adjustment of product structure, from the simple production of high-end case into a large-scale watches production, and to strengthen the "Rossini" brand further development. Its rich personality style design, excellent quality, excellent performance soon Rossini has a year to expand the market share. In a few years time, Rossini company from a single product of the "workshop" case processing plant developed into a professional design capabilities of the tabulation company, and in 1991 became the only national secondary enterprises in Zhuhai . Domestic watch brand NO.3 King watches King by the watches is Mr. Dong Guoming in August 1988 to set up a licensing, is listed enterprises in Singapore, the Hong Kong watch giant Weiming Group, a wholly owned subsidiary. Today's King watches company headquarters is located in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Baoan Longhua. The company introduced the advanced equipment from Switzerland, and with the aim of creating first-class quality and first-class service, with the company's many experienced designers and sharp market ideas, combined with modern perfect watchmaking technology, the company designed and produced 18K gold series, , Inter-tungsten steel series, steel series, multi-functional sports series, automatic machinery series, fashion women's series, precision ceramic series and environmental protection kinetic energy series and other series of hundreds of styles of watches. Domestic watch brand NO.5 by wave watches (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., formerly known as Everbright in accordance with wave (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., established in 1991, the Hong Kong-listed companies (0256.HK), a wholly owned subsidiary. Is a professional design, manufacture, marketing brand watches, precious metals jewelry and refined products of the Group of enterprises. According to the wave company under the wave of enterprise technology center, Shenzhen Pama Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen in accordance with wave-line e-commerce Limited and the Swiss marketing company, and other enterprises. Domestic watch brand NO.6 seagull watches Tianjin Seagull Watch Group is a watch factory in Tianjin as the main body, by the sixteen watch professional production enterprises and four joint ventures composed of enterprise groups. Group total assets: 967.47 million yuan, the total number of employees in the group: 9955 people. The company now manufactures a wide range of products including mechanical watches, electronic watches, quartz clocks and watches, special clocks and watches (including construction clocks) and defense machinery timing products, precision machining and processing of electronic components. China's first electronic watch, the first independent (self) design and manufacture of mechanical watches (Dongfeng watches) and the first watch in China's first watch was born in Tianjin, the company announced the establishment and record of breaking the national watch industry milestone; The first only in line with international standards, such as female form were born here. At the same time, the watch factory in Tianjin and Hong Kong Huacheng watches line jointly created China's first export watch (Seagull watches). Today, the seagull uk replica watches is still the only state-owned brand in the domestic and international watch market place. Since then, multi-level, multi-species two series (men, women) single, double calendar automatic mechanical watches nearly 100 kinds of products continue to enrich the technical reserves and the main product system, enterprise and product award-winning. Domestic watch brand NO.7 Polaris July 1915, the national industrialist Mr. Li Dongshan opened in Yantai, China's first mechanical clock factory - Yantai Po-made bell factory. After the founding of new China, Yantai system bell industry in the party and the government's support under the glow of life. After the transformation of the socialist industrial and commercial, merged to form a public-private partnership Yantai-made bell factory. January 1960, in order to meet the needs of export products, the clock factory began to enable the "North Star" trademark. In 1962, the clock factory into state-run Yantai watch factory. From the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s, although the "Cultural Revolution" of the impact, but the North Star to the spirit of continuous innovation, non-stop development of new products in the history of the new Chinese watch industry to fill one after another blank, The development of the quartz clock, is for the State Seismological Bureau for earthquake monitoring, and in fact became China's first batch of self-developed and put into production of quartz clock, ship clock development success is changed our military and civilian ship bell import history. After the reform and opening up, in order to meet the growing prosperity of the market demand, "Polaris" in expanding their own production scale at the same time make every effort to actively develop and put into production of new products and new colors, a group of domestic first and leading level of new products have come out.