The world's top ten watches of the eleventh name: Breguet (Breguet)

Breguet has been synonymous with Swiss watchmaking for many years and is poised to rebuild its glorious history in recent years after its reorganization, the 250th anniversary of Daqing and its global marketing network. Breguet watches, brilliant history Baker (1747-1823), born in Neuchatel, Switzerland, has been making watches in Paris since the age of seventeen. Soon after, his talent and vigorous inventiveness will emerge. Access to the then literary advocate King Louis XV of France. In 1775, Breguet opened its first watch shop in Paris. Because of his profound knowledge of machinery, the characteristics of the watch and technology unique talent, so he attracted the interest of the best artisans at that time, to join its subglottic, and in his earnest training of talent, his rich Imagination to become a moving piece of outstanding work. Breguet design and manufacture of watches and clocks, product diversification, regardless of watches, marine astronomical clock and clock, design Jiangxinduju, so he was on the altar uk replica watches known as the most outstanding figures. Breguet in the watch industry in all aspects of superior performance, start blockbuster, repeatedly innovative initiatives, such as the 1780 launch of the automatic watch (Perpetuelle), and later invented greatly reduce the Ming watches width of the bell spring , And the world's first watch shock device (Pare-Chute), so that the watch is no longer vulnerable to damage, the performance is more reliable. Breguet watches by the French King Louis XVI and Queen Mary. Anthony appreciation, with innovative machinery and continuous improvement of leveraged or cylinder escapement, the neo-classical style is very cost-effective. Breguet-designed hour hand has a hollow dot at the near end (called the "Pomme" hour hand, which is later called "Breguet Clock") and has an elegant figure on the enamel surface. As for the gold case, as well as later silver dials are hand-carved with carved carefully crafted, since the hand surface of the world's most slim and delicate case. In 1795, the introduction of a large number of new inventions, new creation, including Breguet balance wheel gossamer circle; Ding Li Division line wheel; sold to Napoleon's first luggage bell; Souscription watches; Sympathique bells that adjust the time for pocket watches; Tact watches that can know the time by touch; and tourbillon standard timepieces patented in 1801. In the nautical astronomical clock, Breguet made a significant contribution. In 1815 won the "HorlogerdelaMarine" Navy watch manufacturer's reputation. In his efforts to promote, to promote the watchmaking both in art or technology have gained new impetus and new breadth. Breguet died at the age of 77, his achievements not only in his life was widely respected; today, he is still recognized as the greatest genius and watch manufacturer. Breguet's important inventions include the Tourbillon, The Balance-springovercoil, TheSympathi-queclock, TheConstantforceescapement, and the hovering of the three- Spring system (Thespringforminuteyepeater) and other excellent design, are today's far-reaching contribution to the replica watches industry. Today's Breguet by MontresBreguet, NouvelleLemania and Valdar three companies strategic alliance, due to the injection of funds, R & D and marketing capabilities greatly enhance the market-oriented product strategy, Breguet has in fact silence, began to show vibrant vitality. Restructuring to innovation After the reorganization of Breguet companies, employees from 170 before the merger increased to 230 people, production system performance greatly improved. In the production of parts, Breguet has most of the components to the group with the production of chronograph movement and advanced mechanical movement NouvelleLemania took over, in addition, Valdar is specialized in the development of micro-mechanical and precision parts. Breguet only responsible for the most special parts of the manufacturing and development, which also has more human input in the design and development work. Breguet began to wake up from the sleeping, Baptist Phoenix Breguet, will be ready to go. Each Breguet uk replica watches has a proprietary independent number to prove that the watchmaker paid the time and effort, this year Breguet watches from the existing four major series of Classique, Heritage, Marine, Type XX to be expanded; and Which Type XX of the Feixiang Tengda line to carry forward the taste even more.