The First Step on the Road to Renewable Energy


Biomass Bootcamp
The Biomass Boot Camp is not the final answer but the first step.  

All presentations will be in plain language and at a pace that’s understandable.

Every participant will also receive a specially produced take-away package that includes case histories of successful projects, links to on-line resources, and guides as well as the Biomass Primer produced exclusively for the Biomass Boot Camp.

You may already know that biomass fuels have been around for a long time and that, unlike fossil fuels, biomass fuels sourced close to where you live and work can create local jobs and help the local economy. But do you wonder if biomass fuels are right for you facility?  Are biomass fuels available and who sells them?  Is biomass safe and clean?  Will we need new skilled staff to operate a biomass heating system? The biomass Boot Camp is especially designed to answer these and many other questions that you have about renewable biomass fuels and technologies. 

Have you questions answered by local experts familiar with the market conditions where you live. 

Each Biomass Boot Camp will have expert panels that will cover:

  • Biomass fuels including the types of fuels, benefits of each fuel type, fuel procurement and fuel specifications, storage and handling, long-term biomass fuel availability and competing uses, and sustainability;
  • Commercially available biomass technologies including different types of biomass burners, cogeneration options, hot water and steam systems, similarities and differences between oil and gas combustion and biomass combustion systems, the importance of boiler sizing, economics, operation and maintenance, and reliability; and
  • Development information including feasibility studies, policy and regulations, permit requirements, net metering rules, financing options, carbon emissions, staff training and skills required, and ash disposal, financing, permits, resource information, and technical assistance.

Archives 2011

March 29, 2011 :: BOOTCAMP| Loretto, PA
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February 21, 2011 :: BOOTCAMP| Hughesville, PA
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Archives 2010

September 17, 2010 :: BOOTCAMP| Canton, NY
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October 13, 2010 :: BOOTCAMP| Edinboro, NY
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December 1, 2010 :: Fort Drum, NY
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